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A Declaration of the Rights of All Waters

During the 2014 Future First Women’s Congress participants ratified a Declaration of Rights for Future Generations and  a Bill of Responsibilities for Those Present (2012). Out of our Caucus of All Waters, together we developed A Declaration of The Rights of All Waters, declaring the innately-held rights of the oceans, lakes, rivers, aquifers, and clouds, as well as the related responsibilities of humans to protect these waters.


The expanded version of A Declaration of Rights for Future Generations, and a Bill of Responsibilities for Those Present is also available. It combines the Declaration completed and revised at the first Women’s Congress in Moab, Utah, and adds the Declaration of the Rights of all Waters so both are in one document.


Throughout the Congress, we wove music and the arts into the proceedings. With song, we invoked the living rights of all nature. With music, we grieved the earth’s losses and celebrated our power to make change. We danced and sang the new forms of law and policy into being.


We of the Women’s Congress for Future Generations are honored and inspired to steward this critical work of uniting women to demand systems-level change. We invite you to stand with us and offer your support for this critical, narrative-shifting work of our time.


We are steadfastly committed to calling forth a legal system grounded in guardianship and care for future generations. At the cusp of 2016, we are exploring innovative partnerships and possibilities for a next women’s gathering.


As we do this courageous work together, Joanna Macy again reminds us that we are not alone, and our efforts matter:

“Future generations are a two-way street.
I work for them, and they hold me in an embrace of deep time.
They help me see my life is one short little span in a great span of time, and I mustn’t fall prey to measuring my success by what I can see happening in my lifetime.”