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Preparing the Harvest: An Update on the Work of the Women’s Congress for Future Generations

WCFFG Newsletter, July 2015
Anger that is motivated by compassion or a desire to correct social injustice, and does not seek to harm the other person, is a good anger that is worth having.
– His Holiness, the Dalai Lama

Dear Friend of the Women’s Congress for Future Generations,
After a winter of fermentation and a springtime of planting, we are now ready for a busy summer and fall, harvesting new ideas and actions. The past months have been very productive and innovative. We are excited about the next phase of our work and look forward to working with you! In this issue of the newsletter, we are delighted to send you a Summary of the Future First 2014 Women’s Congress for Future Generations. I believe you will find it a compelling reminder of why this event touched our hearts so deeply. Much of the work we are now engaged in took root at the Women’s Congress and is now bearing fruit! Thank YOU!