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Riane Eisler Speaks at 2014 Future First Women’s Congress

At the second Women’s Congress for Future Generations, a major theme was to lift up the connections between the ecological crisis and the economic system that does not honor women, caring or Mother Earth. We knew the Caring Economy work was essential.

Riane Eisler’s talk, Creating a Caring Economy: What’s Good for Women is Good for the World, was enthusiastically received. As one of the organizer’s of the Congress put well, “Riane brings her own personal story to the work and is able to weave the story of a caring economy into whole cloth without a single note. She is so profound and credible and gives credence to what mothers know from their life experiences. Her work illuminates with dignity and respect the life-giving work of caring, lighting a way forward for all of us.” (Barbara Arney).
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