None of this work is ours alone,

...But borne out of and shaped by ancient headwaters, complex histories, and the strong current of work already being carried forward by the wisdom of other circles. Our goal is to ignite with other kindred organizations and efforts a civil rights movement for future generations. Future First endeavors to participate in the movement while also cracking open spaces for raising up, listening to, and reflecting on the experience of others, by:

Building a network of activists into local and regional powerhouses,

Innovating around governance through law and policy, and

Co-creating platforms to stay connected and support one another in this work.

Resolution for Guardian for Future Generations

Members of the Study Group attend the Minnesota Caucus on Tuesday, March 1, 2016.

Anyone can attend. It’s a great way to get to know your neighbors as well as stand up for what you believe it will take to create a healthy world.

About the Resolution proposal for Minnesota:

This fall and winter, a group of Future First/Women’s Congress folks have been meeting to study the Companion for Political Change. We believe a Guardian for Future Generations would be a major step forward in creating a new institution that would truly be a voice at the table for current and future generations.


We need you to attend your Caucus and introduce a resolution for a new Cabinet level office in Minnesota. It’s SO easy to do this. Here are the steps:

1.   Print Resolution proposal for Minnesota and take it with you to the Caucus. Use the Precinct Caucus Location Finder to confirm where your Precinct and Party will meet. The Precinct chair has the form your party uses for resolutions or you can go to your party’s website and print ahead of time.

2.    Attend the Caucus! Registration and sign-in starts at 6:30; coming early gives you a chance to meet your neighbors and talk up the resolution. When you register, ask the person for any handouts or forms regarding introducing a resolution. They will also answer questions about how to fill it in.

3.    At some point in the evening, the attendees will be asked if they have a resolution to present. If you’ve not done this before, just watch as others introduce resolutions and you’ll see how easy it is.

4.    Then raise your hand and introduce this resolution. You may be asked to only read the Resolution (Resolved paragraph) or you may be allowed to read all the “Whereas.” We suggest you ask or watch to see what others are doing.

5.    There might be questions. We offer some sample language:

“I(we) believe in having an office with the clear mandate to review impacts on the future, especially for our children and grandchildren is critical. Business has a dominating voice in these decisions and it’s time to have the future represented.”

6.    If there are a lot of questions, please refer them to the Science & Environmental Health Network website ( and encourage them to download this document, Models for Protecting the Environment for Future Generations. (Print and take with you if possible- it is a hefty document-so it is NOT necessary to do this though it provides excellent resources).

That’s it!! You’ve grown your role as citizen from being ‘just a voter’ to being a more engaged participant in our democracy. We thank you and Future Generations thank you!

Link for resolution here.

Link to other resolutions at

Tell us about the experience. Post on our FB page or email the Study Group. Was the resolution adopted? What questions or comments did it generate?   

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Study Group members will attend the MN precinct caucus held Tuesday, March 1 at 7:00 pm.

Registration or sign in starts at 6:30; coming early gives you a chance to meet your neighbors and talk up the resolution.

Precinct caucus location finder will tell you where to go.

(Different parties meet in different rooms, and perhaps at different locations.)