A living document. A manifestation of a process, a relationship, and the beginning of a radical movement on behalf of future generations.

A printable version of the latest declaration available here. 

The Declaration process began at the 2012 Women’s Congress for Future Generations in Moab, Utah. Participants created a Declaration of Rights for Future Generations, and a Bill of Responsibilities for those Present.

At the 2014 2nd Women’s Congress for Future Generations, participants organized into caucuses to identify the rights held by the waters and humans’ corresponding responsibilities to these waters. The Declaration was expanded to include a A Declaration of the Rights of All Waters, and a Bill of Responsibilities for those Present.

Borne out of those two events is an expanded Declaration of Rights for Future Generations and All Waters.

PDF of the entire expanded Declaration is available for use in your community, here.

In drafting this document, we withdraw our consent to the present laws, policies and social norms that allow for the continued destruction of the Earth and all living species.

We seek to create a new vision where people value the interconnectedness of all things: a future that shifts focus from individualism and consumption to care for the Earth and the health of all living things.

If you have plans or ideas for using the Declaration or furthering the work of the Congress, please contact us.