Alexa Bradley

Alexa Bradley is a Program Director at On The Commons. As part of the organization’s leadership team she works to support community solutions rooted in the commons principles of collective stewardship and equitable use of our resources. Her current work includes a focus on the Great Lakes Commons Initiative, a broad organizing effort to catalyze a cross border citizen movement to put human need, ecological survival and democratized decision making at the center of the Great Lakes governance.

Alexa Bradley has worked as an organizer, facilitator, trainer and popular educator for over 25 years, with a particular focus on linking community organizing to broader social movement strategies.

Previously she worked as a senior partner at the Grassroots Policy Project providing tools and training to build the resilience, vision and power of community change organizations throughout the US. She was Co-Director of the Minnesota Alliance for Progressive Action, a groundbreaking labor-community coalition. She is also a recipient of a Bush Leadership Fellowship to research participatory processes and other transformational tools in organizing and leadership development.