Barbara Arney

The enduring thread of Barbara’s work as a teacher, international management consultant, and spiritual guide is that of a “catalyst”.  She ignites individuals and teams to directly experience their inner wisdom and power to make a difference in the world. This calling is based on a nighttime dream she had many years ago.  The dream revealed the potential for women to align their infinite capacity to love in service of the health and well being of the planet. This continues to inspire her work.

After receiving an M.A. in Applied Behavior Science, Barbara served on the faculty of The Leadership Institute in Spokane, Washington.  Her immersion in Neuroscience, the Enneagram, and the Sacred Feminine culminated in 2009 with the creation of   LUNA Women’s Spirituality Program and Learning Community.  The LUNA experience activates personal transformation and propels coherent action through ritual, guided visualization, and embodied learning.  As women gather together they experience the magic elixir of mood elevating oxytocin and learn to tend and befriend each other.