Barbara Ford

Barbara Ford an activist, facilitator, singer, songwriter, and artist. Skilled in working with groups with creativity, empathy, and humor, she often incorporates ritual, music, movement, and other creative activities to deepen the workshop experience. She has worked closely with eco-philosopher Joanna Macy, and offers workshops, classes, and webinars on Active Hope, The Work That Reconnects, Radical Gratitude, and other offerings that explore the convergence of spirit, creativity, and the engaged life.

“As an inspiring guide in the Work That Reconnects, Barbara Ford combines a contagious vitality and a firm faith in the power of the human spirit.  It is a joy for me to watch how she enlivens groups with her humor, intellect, and creativity.  I rejoice that she is bringing this life-changing work to our world.”  – Joanna Macy

Most recently, she has recorded Blue Earth, a collection of original and cover songs that speak to the multiple stories of connection and disconnection to the world and each other. Socially conscious blues/jazz/folk/funk…playful, soulful, rhythmic, and topical, it engages the heart, mind, and feet all at the same time.

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