Carolyn Raffensperger

Founder, Women’s Congress for Future Generations;  Executive Director, Science and Environmental Health Network (SEHN).

Raffensperger is the country’s leading expert on Guardianship of Future Generations and one of the world’s most respected voices on protecting the planet. An environmental lawyer, she specializes in the fundamental changes in law and policy necessary for our generation to become ‘beloved ancestors,’ to step fully into our moral and ethical responsibility to protect the planet for today’s children and the generations to come.

Asked why she is compelled to do this work, Carolyn said: “I dreamed once that the scales of Justice were being held by the Tree of Life. I do this work with the Women’s Congress and Future First because I hope to look future generations in the eye and say  ‘we did everything we could to give you a sporting chance. We did everything to tend the Tree of Life on your behalf.’

Raffensperger TEDx talk,  Becoming Great Ancestors