Kaitlin Butler

Kaitlin is a pragmatist and also a dreamer. She honors the dual-gender nature in all things, and so she enjoys weaving together the invaluable knowledge from the unseen and indescribable with the seen and measurable.

She believes environmental degradation is the predominant issue of our time.

Kaitlin’s work is a constantly evolving practice of learning, listening, and facilitating. Her interests cross many fields including environmental and public health, climate change, and climate justice defense. In all its forms, her work is centered on the premise that present and future generations of all biota have the right to healthy planet, and present generations have a responsibility to uphold that right. This is an ancient ethic. Yet the voices of those who have practiced these ideas for centuries, as well as the voices of women across all cultures, have not been prioritized in the cultural conversation about our future.

How, then, do we create a culture that promotes inter- and intra-generational justice amongst the human community and between the human community and the natural world? How can we transform public dialogue? These are some of the overarching questions that inspire her work. In the words of Mary Oliver,

”I tell you this

to break your heart,

by which I mean only

that it break open and never close again

to the rest of the world”.

Kaitlin received her MA in Climate and Society from Columbia University (2011) and a BA in Sociology, with a correlate in Africana Studies from Vassar College (2007). She has authored and co-author writing for a range of platforms, including academic journals, climate assessments, and online magazine forums. Her work on climate adaptation was presented at conferences in the Northeast. She has been involved with the Women’s Congress since 2012 and currently serves as Program Director for the Science and Environmental Health Network. She also loves to dance.