Marian Moore

Marian Moore designs and facilitates conferences in the field of philanthropy and social investment, and acts as a coach and consultant to individuals, non-profits and businesses engaged in effecting social and environmental change.  She also is an active songwriter, singer and producer of concerts.

Since 2005 Moore’s primary professional focus has been her coaching practice and Play BIG, a series of conferences designed to encourage more proactive, generous and strategic giving and investing for social change for people with exceptionally large capital reserves, ( .

She is co-founder of play BIG and a Sr. Advisor at RSF Social Finance. For 10 years, she has convened, designed and facilitated play BIG, which offers peer learning for donor/investors seeking greater alignment of their whole portfolio toward their mission. Her complimentary work as a leadership coach and consultant to philanthropic investors is informing the collaborative development of a holistic financial activation framework with other members of the RSF field-building team.

See Marian in a Social Earth interview about Renewal 2, social investment fund (mission-related investments).