Robyn Langkos

Lives take sharp turns sometimes.  Robyn’s life took such a turn from corporate organizational consulting work into a deep love and appreciation for ritual when she first attended, and then later became staff manager for Nine Gates Mystery School.

Since leaving that position many years ago, she has continued to lead groups in ritual designed to remind us of what we already know in our hearts about ourselves and our connections to the natural world.  She also leads a meditation group and works with a local restorative justice organization.

And the most important things to know about Robyn are that she lives on 80 acres of land in Wisconsin together with her husband and three other families – land which rests within the watershed of the Kinnikinnic River and which is now placed into conservancy for all generations.  She is an organic gardener and lover of trees.  Except for three years when it couldn’t be helped, she has lived her entire life with a view of white pines out her window.