We envision a future where people value the interconnectedness of all things: a future that shifts attitudes and behaviors from ones centered in individualism and consumption to behaviors that care for the Earth and attend to the intricate balance of all living things.

We inspire actions that shift policies, laws and norms in the United States to support sustainability and environmental and economic justice for a world in which future generations can thrive. We support this shift in worldview and behavior by being a catalyst for individuals and organizations to work together, educating, connecting and motivating people to speak out and take action.

Future First was formed to organize the Second Women’s Congress for Future Generations and we will continue to inspire and grow a network of people working together to expand the rights of future generations and the rights of all waters in the Upper Midwest Region.

The Science & Environmental Health Network (SEHN) is the founder of the Women’s Congress for Future Generations , the fiscal home of Future First and a leading national voice for the Precautionary Principle and the  use of science to inform the public about the impact of chemicals and carbon on our health and that of the planet.

We are joining the groundswell of individuals and organizations around the world who are calling for a stop to the degradation of our planet. We are working together to advance policies, practices and a way of living that care for the planet and support a healthy future.

Join us. Sign the Declaration of the Rights for All Waters.