Who's Involved

Future First is an organization led by women who are joined together by our love and concern for the future of our planet and what it holds for our children and generations to come.

Ann Manning, Initiative Director

I attended the first Women’s Congress for Future Generations and left pierced with the truth that we are all standing on shaky ground. We must link arms, face the truth fiercely and take responsibility as protectors of life on the planet. I feel deeply called to do this work.

Barbara Arney

I’m inspired by women taking a stand for future generations-out of love, not out of fear. Together, we find the courage to withdraw our consent; we find our voice to say YES to what is life-giving; and we bring our collective power to celebrate the love and beauty of All That Is.

Kaitlin Butler

Environmental degradation is the predominant issue of our time, and women are at the nexus of climate justice. To acknowledge our interconnectedness is to uphold the rights of the earth, of the marginalized, of women, and of future generations.

Jan Leadholm

Our legacy… what kind of world will we leave to future generations. How we care for the earth and each other matters. We are at the tipping point. Now is the time to take action.

Sarah Mollet

The women I know and love who are doing this work draw me in, and the energy and power they're creating keep me very excited to be a part of it.

Patricia Neal

With millions of people striving to make a difference on behalf of the whole, what is the tipping point to creating a world that works for all beings? An essential conversation among women, where we become co-educated, co-creative, co-llaborative, and co-aligned is a powerful place to begin, leading to meaningful action.

Jan Neville

I believe we have a shared responsibility to care for our earth and each other, and that all voices are needed to shift the current way we are living-it's simply unsustainable. Future First provides a way for people to connect, feel empowered and have hope that change is possible.

Betsy Stites

What drew me to Future First initially was thinking about my eight grandchildren and the importance of leaving them a world in which they can thrive. Now I've caught the spark of what can happen when our collective energy is engaged to create a safe, healthy present and future home for all living things. It's about being called to step forward!

Vicki O'Day

Future First invites us to connect and contribute. Heads and hands acting from love. Now is the time to create economic systems that nurture life. The time has come for us to develop financial innovations that promote social responsibility and foster the innate ecology of people and planet.

Sherri Seidmon

I'd like to pass on a legacy of a healthier world to my children and our future generations. I am humbled being in the company of women and men who are amazing, influential and game-changers in the world.

Karen Olson Johnson

All of our actions impact all of our lives. As I am with you, I am with all that is part of a sacred whole.